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Lakeview Daylily Farm Title

Fragrant Daylilies

At this time there are 234 featured daylilies matching your search.

Name Description Hybridizer
Abilene Dr. Teresa Burton Pink with gold edge above green throat ($50)Maddox ('8)
Abilene Tom's Spitfire Orange poly; gold horns on edge ($75)Maddox ('9)
Ah Youth Clear pink with deeper pink eyezone. ($10)Simpson, D ('87)
All American Gold Gold self ($6)Hansen ('95)
Amy Michelle Lavender pink double with green throat ($5)Brown, C ('93)
Annabelle's Ghost Lavender spider self with glowing apricot throat ($25)Reinke ('95)
Apricot Jade Apricot self with jade green throat. Very fragrant ... ($10)Stamile ('96)
Aragon Nasturtium orange; red eye; green throat ($20)Stamile ('4)
Barbara Mitchell Pink with lavender cast ($9)Pierce ('87)
Beauty of the King Lavender-purple with blue-purple watermark ($22)Carpenter, J ('4)
Betty Kennedy Flesh splashed pink with bright yellow edges/olive ... ($5)Kennedy ('87)
Big Bird Yellow ($7)Griesbach & Klehm ('78)
Bill Norris Sunny gold self ($12)Kirchoff, D. ('93)
Blackjack Cherry Deep red black with burgandy pink watermark grn. t ... ($8)Carr ('96)
Blueberry Frost Blue-purple blend over green throat ($9)Stamile ('97)
Boney Maroney Chrome yellow self ($11)Kehl ('94)
Bountiful Candy Cream with raspberry-wine eye ($12)Stamile/Pickles ('98)
Brief Siesta Gold self with green throat. ($5)Guidry ('91)
British Morning Coral petals with pink sepals bitone; extended blo ... ($10)Shooter, J ('95)
Bronze Eyed Beauty Heavily ruffled bonze with brown eye. ($10)Carpenter, J ('95)
Cabbage Flower Double pastel lemon yellow self with green throat. ($5)Kirchhoff ('88)
Camelot Rose Rose with yellow tips ($6)Wild ('88)
Candlestick Park Yellow spider self with green throat. ($10)Dickerson ('90)
Caribbean Abigail's Apron Pink self with light rose halo over green throat ($8)Talbott ('98)
Casual Pleasure Pink lavender blend with green throat. ($6)Gates, L ('86)
Catalina Light peach with pink blend ($9)Stamile ('96)
Charlie Baker Cream yellow self. ($5)Gates, L ('86)
Chesapeake Crablegs Orange spider with orange red chevron eye ($12)Reed ('94)
Chorus Line Pink with rose band above yellow halo. ($5)Kirchhoff ('83)
Clay Basket Bronze and pale gold blend with green throat. ($5)Ford ('89)
Cobalt Dawn Cream white with black-purple eye and edge above g ... ($13)Stamile ('97)
Connie Can't Have It Gold; large red eye; green throat ($30)Carpenter, J ('4)
Cool and Crepy Yellow self with green throat. ($5)Sellers ('83)
Cool Summer Yellow self & serrated edges ($5)Sellers ('90)
Coral Vision Cream blend with raspberry eye & green throat ($8)Guidry ('90)
Cosmic Kaleidescope Lavender; green throat ($130)Carpenter, J ('6)
Council Of Elders Red self with chartreuse throat. ($5)Weston ('88)
Cuban Nancy Pink blend w/salmon pink watermark & gold edge ($15)Carpenter, J ('96)
Darrell Light yellow with pink highlights green./yellow th ... ($5)Durio ('81)
Dash Dash Cream yellow with yellow purple eyezone and grn. t ... ($5)Zahler ('89)
Definitely Yes Dark pink self with chartreuse throat. ($6)Gates ('90)
Desert Jewel Peach sand with gold edge ($8)Munson ('90)
Different Steps Lemon with brown overlay; unusual and pretty ($8)Shooter, J ('98)
Distinctly Debonair Dark pink self ($8)Gates, L. ('95)
Double Cranberry Ruffles Cranberry red double; ver-ry pretty ($9)Talbott ('92)
Dragon King Mandarin red self with vivid green throat. ($9)Kirchhoff ('94)
Driving Me Wild Lavender with gold edge & deep lavender eye & gree ... ($9)Stamile, P ('93)
Elan Near white self with green throat. ($6)Whatley ('92)
Elegant Candy Pink with red eye ($10)Stamile ('95)
Elizabeth Ferguson Honey cream pink self ($5)Munson ('87)
Enchanted Morning Soft pink with green throat ($15)Carpenter, J ('95)
Erin Prairie Bright yellow with green throat. Stellar performer ... ($7)Fay ('71)
Etched In Orange Orange with reddish brown eye above yellow green t ... ($13)Carpenter, J ('93)
Ethel Barfield Smith Peach banded rose with green gold throat. ($5)Hayward ('75)
Fama Cream-yellow blend with lavender eyezone, green th ... ($6)Spalding ('88)
Fashion Bug Light rose pink self, double. ($10)Joiner ('94)
Feathered Fascination Lavender pink with large plum purple eye/green thr ... ($12)Carpenter, J ('95)
Fiddle Dee Dee Coral red self with chartreuse throat. ($5)Lee/Massey ('92)
Fire Mist Rose red blend with green throat. ($5)Guidry ('84)
Flaming Frolic Red orange polychrome with orange throat. ($5)Jernigan ('88)
Fond Hope Peach with faint pink blush at center with green t ... ($5)Simpson ('84)
Forsysth Shannon LeFever Yellow; red eye & edge; green throat ($75)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Carolina Snowafll White; gold edge; yellow throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Catawba Yellow; bright red eye & edge; green throat ($20)Lefever ('1)
Forsyth Cleopatra Orange-yellow polychrome; green throat ($10)Lefever ('5)
Forsyth Fiery Kiss Yellow; red eye & edge; green throat ($15)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Flame Stitch Orange-red; yellow edge; green throat ($15)Lefever ('0)
Forsyth Flaming July Orange self above yellow throat ($20)lef ('9)
Forsyth Flaming Snow Near white; pink edges; green throat ($25)Lefever ('94)
Forsyth Garrett Mason White-lavender; lavender edge; green throat ($15)Lefever ('99)
Forsyth Green Starlight Green-yellow bend; green throat ($25)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth High Tech Red-apricot; dark red halo; green throat ($30)Lefever ('0)
Forsyth Hot Lips Peach pink with red eye and green throat. ($6)LeFever ('89)
Forsyth July Ruffles Rose self; gold edge; yellow throat ($20)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Klondike Gold self; green throat ($15)LeFever ('99)
Forsyth Mint Condition Light rosy-red blend; rosy-red eye zone; green thr ... ($15)Lefever ('99)
Forsyth Myra Dolores Light pink and near white bit one; red eye & edge; ... ($20)Lefever ('98)
Forsyth New Red Red self; yellow throat ($20)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Painted Lady Red to pink; red eye & edge; yellow-green throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Patricia Ann Oubjl rise0red etezibel greeb tgriat ($10)Lefever ('95)
Forsyth Pink Flying Dragon Pink blend; large yellow-green throat ($20)Lefever ('1)
Forsyth Pink Serenade Pink self; yellow throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Red Eyed Delight Beige; red eye & edge; yellow throat ($40)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Red Eyed Whopper Stopper Red; darker eye; green throat ($15)Lefever ('3)
Forsyth Red July Red self; green throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Ruby Pink self; yellow throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Ruby Circle Pink; ruby eye; yellow throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Seminole Purplish red self; yellow-green throat ($30)Lefever ('0)
Forsyth Shades of Purple Purple self; green throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Shannon LeFever Yellow; red eye and edge; green throat ($75)LeFever ('9)
Forsyth Summer Snow White self; green throat ($30)Lefever ('99)
Forsyth Vivacious Shelby Jones Yellow; red eye; green throat ($100)Lefever ('9)
Frank Quillian Lemon yellow blend with dark green throat. ($10)Smith, F ('91)
Free Style Very large yellow double ($10)Joiner ('94)
Freedom's Triumph Lavender-purple; white-lavender-cream watermark ($40)Carpenter, J ('5)
Frosted Pink Ice Blue-pink self with green throat; extended bloom ($7)Stamile ('87)
Gentle Rose Rose blend with deep green throat. ($8)Stamile, P ('90)
George Jets On Rose cream bicolor with yellow eye & cream rose et ... ($15)Yost ('99)
Glowing Bouquet Bright pink self; reblooms well ($11)Dougherty ('89)
Golden Scroll Tangerine self with green throat. ($5)Guidry ('83)
Grace McLaughlin Golden yellow self ($8)Renfrow ('95)
Grace Pierce Lavender pink over green throat ($10)Trimmer ('00)
Guinea Jubilee Purple with gold eye; nocturnal; extended bloom ($6)Dickerson ('90)
Happy Rebel Red self with green throat. ($6)Gates ('89)
Harbor Mist Yellow self ($7)Shooter ('92)
Heaven All Day Near white-cream self. ($15)Carpenter ('92)
Heavens to Betsy UFO; gold-orange, red eye, green-orange throat, ru ... ($15)Jeffcoat ('4)
Helaman Yellow edged bronze with chartreuse throat. ($7)Robertson ('82)
His Highness Lavender self; unusual form ($18)Stamile ('00)
Hit And Run Cherry red and lavender blend with green throat; e ... ($7)Shooter ('92)
Hold Your Horses UFO crispate; straw yellow; dark maroon eye; yello ... ($30)Trimmer ('4)
In Search of Angels Cerise rose self with green throat ($15)Stamile ('01)
Indian Chase Salmon coral, coral pink veins & deep green throat ... ($10)Shooter ('95)
Inky Fingers Violet purple with green throat; unusual form ($10)Stamile ('00)
Jack Carpenter Cherry red self with green throat. ($5)Carp/Glidden ('84)
Jamaica Blush Polychrome blend of coral/orange/yellow blushed gr ... ($7)Kirchhoff ('90)
Jambalaya Blend of bronze and tan with brown eyezone w/yel g ... ($5)Soules ('82)
Janet Benz Strawberry roses, gold edge ($14)Benzinger ('0)
Jean Wooten Yellow self ($5)Kirchhoff ('76)
Jedi Codie Wedgeworth Lavender pink with maroon eye and green throat. ($6)Wedgeworth ('91)
Jedi Dot Pierce Rose pink with dark rose eye and green throat. ($6)Wedgeworth ('89)
Jen Melon Creamy yellow, light ruffling on edges. ($7)Oakes ('87)
Jennie Gray Pink with rose eye and gold green throat ($5)Reinke ('97)
Jericho Medium pale gold with red eye and green throat. ($5)Smith ('75)
Jewell Hannah Rose with slightly darker eye above green throat. ($25)Quinn ('03)
John Allgood Pink-melon-cream blend, bubbly yellow-gold edge ($30)Shooter, J ('3)
Josephine Marina Apricot peach self with olive green throat. ($10)Carpenter ('88)
Judge Roy Bean Spider. Soft persimmon gold with creamy ribbing ov ... ($10)Reinke ('96)
Julia's Dream Spider; violet-purple blend; ;yellow-green throat ($30)Mercer, R ('99)
Karate Kid Tomato red w/lighter watermark ($5)Hanson, C. ('92)
Kate Carpenter Pink self ($6)Munson ('80)
Kennesaw Mountain Hayride Coral pink-cream polychrome; gold edge; green thro ... ($95)Waldrop ('7)
Krakatoa Lava Orange blend with red orange halo above green thro ... ($10)Morton ('91)
Lady Neva Soft buff yellow with rose eyezone and green throa ... ($6)Moody ('70)
Land of Cotton Cream self; green throat; double ($10)Joiner ('91)
Lavender Arrowhead Lavender self with chartreuse watermark; unusual f ... ($14)Stamile ('99)
Lavender Fantasia Lavender, lighter lavender-blue watermark ($15)Carpenter, J ('3)
Layers Of Gold Gold double with green throat ($7)Kirchhoff ('91)
Lemon Jade Lemon-chartreuse self with chartreuse throat ($5)Munson ('83)
Leslie Renee Pink, chartreuse-green edge ($20)Stamile ('4)
Lights Of Evening Cream yellow self with green throat ($10)Billingslea ('93)
Lime Frost Green and white blend with green throat ($8)Stamile ('92)
Little Eddie Lemon yellow self ($5)Zahler ('89)
Liz Gobbel Lemon pink blend with rose edge & green throat; ex ... ($18)D. Kirchhoff ('97)
Lyrical Presence Bright rose self ($16)Stamile ('96)
Magic Amethyst Amethyst-lavender blend with green throat ($25)Stamile ('96)
Majestic Dark Eyes Flesh pink with dark maroon eye above green throat ($35)Carpenter, J ('93)
Marietta Charmer Rose lavender blend; nocturnal; extended bloom ($25)Shooter ('92)
Marietta Pizazz Lavender rose blend w/ cream edges w/ chart. thrt ($10)Shooter ('93)
Mary Joyce Andrews Tangerine orange with brushed rose eyezone. ($6)Talbott, D ('92)
Mephistopheles Dark violet purple with small yellow-green throat ($12)Moldovan ('90)
Merlot Kisses Dusty wine purple with darker eye above green thro ... ($8)Quinn ('04)
Mighty Highty Tighty SOLD OUT Rose madder spider type with burgundy halo. ($10)Cobb, K ('88)
Mississippi Red Dragon Red; cream-yellow edge; green throat ($30)Carpenter, J ('5)
Morning Serenade Gold with mahogany-red eye and green throat. ($9)Carpenter, J ('95)
Moroccan Summer Double intense gold self with green throat. ($5)Kirchhoff ('87)
Mount Herman Giant Apricot self ($30)Bomar ('0)
Mulberry Frost Mulberry rose blend ($8)Billingslea ('90)
Mumbo Jumbo Rose pink bitone with darker rose halo and green t ... ($5)Guidry ('79)
Musical Medley Icy lavender; lavender eye; double edge of gold an ... ($35)Stamile ('1)
Nairobi Dawn Purple with dark purple eyezone above yellow/green ... ($5)Guidry ('92)
Newberry Real Frills Light yellow self with green throat. ($5)Rushing ('86)
Norma Jean Golden yellow self with green throat. ($6)Stamile ('89)
Not Yet Blue Blue purple blend with green throat. ($15)Carpenter, J ('92)
Nut And Honey Crream/rose blend with green throat ($8)Benz ('91)
Omomuki Chartreuse-yellow self with green throat; extended ... ($8)Stamile ('92)
Passion for Red Scarlet red self; deep green throat ($10)Stamile ('94)
Pearlfisher Pink Clear pink with rose band & carrot red-gold edge; ... ($10)D. Kirchhoff ('95)
Pleasingly Pink Soft pink blend with green throat. ($5)Bomar ('90)
Puccini Cream yellow blend double ($17)Stamile ('99)
Purple Rain Dance Deep purple self with green throat. ($5)Brown, E ('90)
Queen's Memories Cream white self with green throat. ($6)Brown, E ('90)
Rahab Flamingo pink self. ($7)Talbott ('90)
Raspberry Cupcake Ivory cream double with raspberry eye ($19)T. Herrington ('98)
Rebecca Marie Double Rose with darker edges. ($25)Joiner ('96)
Regal Elegance Deep rich purple with dark purple eye. ($8)Carpenter, J ('95)
Rhythm And Blues Lavender self with green throat; extended bloom ($8)Stamile ('94)
Robert Oliver Regal red-purple self with chartreuse throat ($20)Shooter ('96)
Rose Fever Hot rose self over grass-green throat ($12)Stamile ('96)
Rosy Posy Rose coral w/yellow eye ($8)Calhoun ('92)
Ruffled Cream Radiance Light cream with tinges of pink blush with green t ... ($15)Carpenter, J ('95)
Ruffled Perfection Lemon-yellow self with green throat. ($10)Carpenter, J ('90)
Ruffles to Spare Apricot, peach tips, deeper apricot throat ($20)Reckamp-Klem ('87)
Rumble Seat Romance Bright lemon; cranberry eye zone; deep green throa ... ($5)Elliott ('90)
Ruth Whitten A big showy mauve double; excellent! ($999)Joiner ('97)
Sabra Salina Pink with gold halo above green throat; extended b ... ($6)Wilson ('91)
Scarlet Orbit Red self with chartreuse throat. ($7)Gates ('85)
Scarlett's Web Scarlet spider self with yellow throat. ($20)Reed ('95)
Scatterbrain Double light peach with frilly form. ($7)Joiner ('89)
Selma Rose Silvery rose self ($7)Yancey ('86)
Shaman Canary yellow self with green throat. ($5)Gates ('87)
Sherry Lane Carr Cream butter yellow with gold edge and green throa ... ($12)Carr ('96)
Siloam Double Frost Double cream self with small green throat; extende ... ($7)Henry ('85)
Siloam Grace Stamile Red with deeper red halo and green throat. ($5)Henry ('84)
Smuggler's Gold Golden yellow bronze; extended bloom ($10)Branch ('94)
Socks Ellie's Fire Fiery red-orange with large radioactive red eye zo ... ($20)Bobrzynski ('00)
Soft and Pretty Soft pink-cream self with green thorat ($11)Carpenter J. ('92)
Song Of Spring Apricot self. ($6)Carpenter, J ('91)
Special Love Pink self ($10)Joiner ('95)
Spray Of Pearls Pastel orchid pink edged gold with yellow green th ... ($5)Kirchhoff, D ('87)
Stella De Oro Gold self: excellent rebloomer ($5)Jablonski ('75)
Stroke Of Midnight Bordeaux red self with chartreuse throat. ($5)Kirchhoff ('81)
Sunset Lagoon Light tangerine with pink bitone, light gold throa ... ($15)Shooter, J ('95)
Sunshine Lovely Yellow gold with bold mahogany-black eye. ($10)Carpenter, J ('95)
Super Babe Deep purple self ($5)Dove ('83)
Super Double Delight Yellow self double; Excellent ($6)McFarland ('78)
Sweet Shalimar Deep persimmon veined orange with olive throat. ($5)Hansen ('88)
Sweet Summer Memories Lavender-pink with darker eye above yellow-green t ... ($15)Quinn ('04)
Tangerine Stitches Light gold with gold edge ($12)Quinn ('04)
Taos pastel cream pink ($16)Stamile ('99)
Three Wishes Lavender and cream bitone with darker lavender edg ... ($5)Threewitts ('91)
Thunder and Lightning Royal purple with darker eye and gold edge ($10)Carr ('96)
Tigerling Light orange with bright red eyezone and green thr ... ($10)Stamile ('91)
Tiger's Eye Gold with dark maroon eyezone and yellow throat. ($8)Carpenter, J ('90)
Tigger Orange with red eye ($8)Stamile ('89)
Top Honors Light yellow self with green throat. ($5)Childs ('77)
Tripoli Pink with burgundy eyezone and green throat; exten ... ($5)Talbott ('82)
Valdosta Again Peach-purple blend, purple-violet patterned eye ($80)Bell, T ('9)
Vi Simmons Pink self with green throat. ($5)Talbott ('87)
Victorian Lace Pink with gold edge ($36)Stamile ('99)
Viracocha Tangerine self ($5)Roberts ('75)
Virtue Cream self ($10)Wild ('87)
War Dance Blood red self with green throat; extended bloom ($7)Smith, L ('66)
Wedding Band Cream white with yellow eddge ($9)Stamile ('87)
Which Way Jim Dark black purple with dusted purple eyezone/ gree ... ($10)Shooter ('92)
Wineberry Candy Orchid with purple eyezone and green throat; exten ... ($7)Stamile ('91)
Winter Skin Cream-white with yellow-gold wire edge above pale ... ($10)Quinn ('04)
Wish Fulfillment Rose red with white ($23)Stamile ('97)
Wolfpack Kid Crimson red self above green throat ($10)Quinn ('04)
Wren's Song Rose-pink bitone, gold edge, green throat ($14)Stamile ('3)
Yazoo Cinnamon Stick Cream and cinnamon blend with gold throat. ($9)Smith ('86)
Yellow Umbrellas Lemon yellow self over green throat ($15)J. Carpenter ('99)
Zak Jackson Apricot self ($15)Carpenter, J ('95)
Zephyr's Song Pink-chartreuse, lettuce-green edge ($27)Stamile ('4)


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Lakeview Daylily Farm, 1000 Benson Road, Garner, NC 27529
Phone: 919.362.1436 (office voice/fax) • 919.413.5168 (Noel's cell)

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