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The Southern Magnolia Wreath
at the NC Farmer's Market, Raleigh, NC - Weston Farms booth

Weston Farms Holiday Market

Magnolia at its finest!
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NC State Farmers' Market, Raleigh NC
Space 48
Open every day through December
10:00 - dusk Monday-Friday,  8:30 - 6:00 Saturday-Sunday

For pricing, special orders • 919.773.9663 office    919.600.1496 field

About Southern Magnolias


Weston Farms offers unique local green Christmas decorations at the State Farmer’s Market.

These versatile evergreen wreaths have universal appeal -- wonderful for any season, they are the signature of Southern hospitality and welcome...

Using fresh cut heirloom magnolia greenery to hand make decorative objects, Weston Farms creates natural and luxurious decorations from Magnolia gradiflora, or as they more commonly known, Southern Magnolia trees. Erin Weston notes, "I look for luxury in nature. Magnolia leaves are the ultimate in decorative glamour! The Magnolia we grow features dark green leaves coated on the underside with chocolate velvet -- they truly embody nature's best." By cultivating color and texture in the cut garden, Weston Farms creates Magnolia wreaths, garlands and mantlepieces that convey a look of effortless luxury.

Magnolia Wreath on 8" form
Magnolia Wreath on 12" form
Magnolia Wreath on 18" form
Magnolia Wreath on 36" form

Orders can be places by phone or email:
919.773.9663 office    919.600.1496 field    westonfarms@bellsouth.net

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